My Style


My Style

Telling a beauitful story through relaxed, natural and unposed wedding photographs

My style? A little reportage, a pinch of documentary and a light fashion/fine-art focus thrown in for good measure.



What I'm saying is that there's not one way or style in which I capture your wedding day, as I don't believe one style fits all! I'm constantly striving to be creative with my shot choices, always looking for the next best angle or take on that crazy moment that's unfolding right in front of me, be that first thing in the morning or those last fleeting moments before I leave in the evening.

My take on our couples' time, the bit many of you dread is, in fact, the time you need to fear the least. This is your time, together, almost alone ;-) where we simply go for a walk amongst the landscape to capture some quality moments of you both. I don't pose, just offer suggestions on composition or where the best light is.

My advice, hold hands, laugh with each other, make jokes and talk about how great your day has been. It really doesn't need to be more difficult than that. Simply focus on each other and your images will reflect just how relaxed and happy you are and how easy this session actually is. Ideally, we'll do this twice at different times of the day to get two very distinct looks and give you some wonderful memories.

I’ll photograph your details, they're important, you spent time agonising over those decisions. They're as much a part of your day as everything else,

I just won't take forever doing them.Then I'll get right back to photographing people in a very unobtrusive way. I won't be asking for endless lineups, in fact, I won't ask for anything other than a little bit of your time.

My aim is simple, to produce a collection of images that make you feel as though you're right back there on that day, be it 4 or 40 years later.



If this sounds good to you then we could be a great match!


Just Me

Just Me

So we're going to spend a fair few hours together on
your wedding day. Best make sure we get to know each
other a little then!



Hi I'm Nick, a photographer living in Cornwall, with a passion for creatively capturing weddings. I love what I do and this is why I'm always watching to make
sure I don't miss any of those easily missed moments, so you can remember them for the rest of your lives. Here are a list of facts to help you get to know
the real Nick Walker.

Born in Wales, live in Cornwall (no I don't speak Welsh)

I love New York and always thought I'd live there one day

I'm also a graphic designer with a first class degree
(the wife made me say that)

I got engaged when I was 19 and married her when I was 26
(best thing I ever did)

I have 3 children (equally the best thing I ever did)

I like working out, either in the gym or at CrossFit
(although it doesn't quite show yet)

I love graphic design, architecture, being outdoors
(walk on the beach? yes please!) and any kind of movie escapism

Don't worry about feeding me, just give me coffee, lots of coffee!

I'm partial to taking the odd landscape photograph or two



what more would you like to know?




If there's something else you would like to know just drop me an email or give me a call.



Do you travel for weddings?

I'm based in Cornwall but I'm pretty flexible and can travel anywhere in the UK. I'm more than happy to travel overseas too - yes please! So John O'Groats to Lands End - count me in.

When will we see the photographs?

I aim to get your edited images online within 4-6 weeks and delivered to you within 6-8 weeks.

How do we secure the date?

Your date is booked on the signing of a contract and payment of a £500 deposit. Full payment is due 1 month before the wedding date.





Do you take group photos?

I do take group photos if requested but I don't really like shouting at large groups so I prefer to keep these shots to a minimum. If you only want a few such as bridal party an everyone shot and maybe one or two with parents then I'm your man.

What's your style?

Relaxed, informal and artistic is how I would put it. I'm your fly on the wall for the day documenting and telling your wedding story.

Do you offer half days?

I do offer half days for midweek weddings, check out the wedding prices page for more info

Can you arrange albums and prints?

Absolutely just get in touch with your requirements as everything I do is bespoke. Being a trained graphic designer you can rest assured the quality and style will be the best possible.