We're going to spend a fair few hours together, so, we better get to know each other!



Here is a list of facts to help you get to know the real Nick Walker.

Born in Wales, live in Cornwall (no I don't speak Welsh)

I love New York and always thought I'd live there one day

I'm also a graphic designer with a first class degree
(the wife made me say that)

I got engaged when I was 19 and married her when I was 26
(best thing I ever did)

I have 3 children (equally the best thing I ever did)

I like working out, either in the gym or at CrossFit
(although it doesn't quite show yet)

I love graphic design, architecture, being outdoors
(walk on the beach? yes please!) and any kind of movie escapism

Don't worry about feeding me, just give me coffee, lots of coffee!

I'm partial to taking the odd landscape photograph or two



what more would you like to know?